PPE, but make it fashion.

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

The hype beasts may have lost the battle, but they have most definitely won the war.

Miss 'Rona (Corona Virus) must be everybody stylist, by now. She has everyone wearing a mask, as advised by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Why not flatten the curve with drip? Wouldn't that be essential?

With the lack of personal protective equipment at our disposal, many fashion companies are stepping up to help out with the mask shortage and in turn, make a profit.

So what does that mean for the streets? Well, if you're on OG hypebeast, you're already ahead of the game. Go ahead and pull out that Bape camo mask, since its technically essential. And for the rest of us, well, we need to go ahead and hop on this safe [and stylish] wave. The market is booming and so are the death tolls!

Matter of fact, quarantine has us all on our DIY tip, anyway. Make your own. Many people are are customizing their masks from scrap fabrics from Gucci, Fendi, and Louis Vuitton products. I'm sure DapperDan loves to see it!

The hypebeasts can definitely wear their masks proudly with their matching hoodies. As corny as these masks used to seem back in the early 2010s, they are now a saving grace for us, all. The hype beasts were definitely before their time.

BUT, please dont forget, you still need give people their 6 ft -- 50 ft, if you want to be generous. Stay intentionally fly [and safe]!

signing out,


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