I thought things couldn't get any worse in 2020 and yet, I stand corrected. As a black woman, I am disgusting by the acts of racism [IN AMERICA] that has carried on throughout the years. 2020 was the feather that broke the camels back. I want to first extend my condolences to the families of #BreonnaTaylor and #GeorgeFloyd. Their lives didn't deserve to be taken away by the police and as a BLACK community, we say enough is enough.

This past week was a whole lot for me. I was confused. I was hurt. I was ANGRY. Yet, in 2020, African Americans are still considered inferior to the other races. The peaceful protests instantly turned into rioting and looting. This was an instant message to the powers that be! All we ask is that the brands that our community [HEAVILY] supports to show solidarity for its consumers. Some did and some continue to get POC confused with BLACK. I'm not sure if there were problems in the offices of Diversity and Inclusion over at Pretty Little Thing, but burn it down -- NOW.

I am not an avid shopper of PrettyLittleThing and I definitely will not be any longer. You mean to tell me that you chose the "blackest" hue possible to represent the culture that you constantly profit off of. The PLT brand would rather use models that look like us than to use actual African American women. Companies continue to "black fish" and appropriate our culture with no remorse. It's sick. Lastly, the names of the families were not mentioned. SAY THEIR NAMES. Their lives are way more important than the livelihood of PLT. A couple of hours later, it was a whole lot of Instagram posts not loading.

So, I say to Pretty Little Thing: YOU'RE CANCELLED. GET HER OUT OF HERE.

And honestly, that's word to every brand that is choosing to stay silent during this time. These brands can check their sales analytics and know that the black community makes up the vast majority of their consumers. You owe it to us to SAY/DO SOMETHING.

I began to see posts from Kollin Carter, Duckie Thot, and Jackie Aina, regarding the lack of support from brands that constantly want to use our culture and bodies without genuine representation. Thank you to the brands such as Nike, Reebok, Marc Jacobs, SavagexFenty and many others who resonated with our cry for justice. As the days progressed, many other brands began to speak out as well.

My message to these brands: Have you ever wondered why the people/ideas to appropriate/imitate black culture never match up to the real thing? Read the room.

I am encouraging those who are reading this post to shop black businesses. Black women and men are taking back the reigns of fashion. You will not regret this decision. #BUYBLACK

On my Instagram page, I will be posting a black fashion business everyday starting Friday (6/4). Stay tuned to my instagram story for those gems!

Also, I have come up with resources to aid our community, during this time. Here are some ways that you can help:

A link for more resources for #BlackLivesMatter:

With love and solidarity,


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