Air Jordan 1: The Statement Piece of the NBA and every sneakerhead's Closet

The most controversial shoe that broke the barrier of NBA fashion. The Last Dance in this pair will always be like the first time.

Almost everyone I know owns a pair of Air Jordan 1s. No matter the color way, it is guaranteed to make you the freshest in the room: intentionally fly, that is. ESPN released the first 4 installments of the 10-part docuseries called The Last Dance. Basketball fans and sneakerhead went crazy on Twitter timelines, ranting and raving about Michael Jordan's legacy and the sneakers they'd wear to "The Last Dance." With 34 Air Jordan installments on the market, I'm choosing Air Jordan 1's: the basketll show that "pioneered' the way towards breaking barriers in NBA dress code and Nike sales for years to come.

Michael Jordan wasn't only drafted by the Chicago Bulls in 1984. He was Nike's draft pick as well, offering a contract worth a half a million dollar over 5-year deal. Despite Jordan's interests in Adidas and Converse, they couldn't even compete with Nike's offer. On top of that, Nike offered to create a brand new shoe accommodating his needs, in basketball footwear.

Jordan began to push the envelope when it came to the NBA dress code. When playing against the New York Knicks, Jordan sported a red and black Nike Air shoe that NBA Commissioner, David Stern, wasn't too fond of. He believed that Jordan was rebelling against the NBA League Team Dress Code.

NBA dress code advised that players are allowed to wear predominantly white shoes with a small accent of another color that matches the team's jersey. It also rules that everyone on the team had to wear matching shoes.

Jordan continued to wear the prohibited sneakers, equaling to a $5,000 fine per game. Nike paid every bill.

There was many speculation of Michael Jordan's choice of sneakers. Was he trying to show his arrogance on the court? Flashy, even? He also had reservations himself, referring to the color choices as the devil's colors.

Nike designer, Peter Moore, designed two colorways: white/black/red "black Toe" and black/red "Bred", to be worn at home and away games, respectively. Soon, Nike finally compromised and designed the "Chicago" shoe to appease the NBA dress code regulation.

Jordan tested the waters again by wearing the black/red Air Jordan 1's at All Star Weekend. 1985. Sending their final warning from the NBA, Nike took ot the media, creating the marketing strategy that skyrocketed sales.

So many Air Jordan 1's have been released and it's become a collector's shoe. In 1994, the Air Jordan 1 was released again and began the Retro Jordan series. The NBA finally laxed their rules on sneakers for the league of players on the court.

From there, Michael Jordan and Nike collborated and curated the most popular collection of shoes, totalling 34 styles. To pay homage to Michael Jordan's legendary time with the Chicago Bulls, here is a timeline of every Jordan released between 1984-1996.

It's safe to say that Michael Jordan is intentionally fly. What pair of Air Jordan's will you be wearing to The Last Dance?

TIASINTERLUDE, signing out.

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